Geraldine Goetz

geraldineI arrived in Antigua in August of 2008 and the day after I arrived, Dr. Ramirez and I met and decided on a course of treatment. I needed a complete replacement of my upper denture, 3 crowns which connected to 3 false teeth and a removeable lower bridge. In 3 1/2 weeks Dr. Ramirez created all that was necessary to accomplish what was needed, working with 2 different labs in Guatemala City that required him to coordinate with both. He is an artist and doctor that happens to work with teeth who takes great pride in doing an excellent job. I love what he did for me.

geraldine beforegeraldine after 

Everything fits beautifully and is so comfortable. Thanks, Dr. Ramirez!

Ray Warren

rayRay WarrenMy trip to Antigua was one of the best experiences of my life.  It not only solved a myriad of dental problems for me for a fraction of the cost in the states, but provided a most pleasant vacation in a beautiful, tourist friendly city. I do not believe I could have had any better treatment and dental work done in the U.S. For any amount of money. 

ray before

ray after

Sincerely, Ray Warren

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